By Vince Jackson

Anymore using tarot cards, crystal balls and palm readings is not out of the realm of the ordinary for white-collar professionals searching for answers to their pressing business questions.

Increasingly, business people are consulting psychics to help in making employment decisions, handling a pending financial crisis or just to confirm their feelings about changing jobs, say many psychics.

National press reports say more and more professional people feel they need an extra edge in making crucial business and personal decisions. Many are using the wisdom of the ages to help them resolve issues and solve problems.

The New York Times reports that psychics are popular with stock traders on the New York Stock Exchange. “When the Treasury Secretary changes his mind weekly…a good set of tarot cards might come in handy,” says The Times.

Jason Profit, a Greenville, SC psychic and paranormalist, says that since the economic downturn occurred many of his advice seekers are “not the folks you would usually think would consult a psychic.”

A recent Gallop Poll found that one out of every two Americans believes in extrasensory perception and that 54% believe in psychic or spiritual healing.

“You would be surprised at the types of people seeking a psychic reading from me. I am talking about doctors, students and other professionals who are looking for an answer,” Profit said.

“If people are looking for stock tips I refer them to a stock broker. If they have mental problems I suggest a therapist. Those areas are not ones where I can help,” he said.

“I offer readings about what I feel is going on with people. I can sense their fears and concerns. My psychic readings offer confirmation of what they may be feeling, although many times I reveal things that people may not want to hear. I try to provide clarity concerning paths that they may choose to follow,” Profit says.

While Profit says that tarot cards, crystal balls and palm readings are ways a psychic has of focusing on the metaphysical realm, they should not automatically be associated with the occult.

“Many people falsely assume that I am in touch with satanic forces or use witchcraft. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I am a born again Christian,” he says.

Profit says it can be hard for the average person to spot a charlatan when it comes to psychic readings.

“Many con artists are attracted to this profession, but so are many good sincere people. I would say, in general, beware of free reading offers when selecting a psychic. If you leave a psychic reading with more questions than answers, that could be a red flag that something is not right. You should receive direct answers to your questions and not need to continually return to a reader for more information,” Profit said.



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