This is a site that may be used to report any sightings of “Big Cats” primarily in the southeastern states, South Carolina and north Georgia in particular.

Many people are convinced that cougars, catamounts, mountain lions or whatever you wish to call them occur in the Southeastern United States. A number of sightings in recent years confirm that big cats, of many types, are on the loose and are seen on occasion by hunters, hikers and farmers. Some of these animals may well be “wild”.

Recently, the U S Fish and Wildlife Service announced a plan to introduce (re-introduce?) cougars to the Okefenokee Swamp in SE Georgia. This will be an interesting test of just how free ranging these big cats are, if this actually happens.

If you have an encounter with a cougar, please use this forum to report the incident giving as many details as possible.



  1. A cougar was killed in Georgia in the fall of 2008. To see the news story go to “Cougar News cougar killed at West Point Lake”

  2. Larry Hamby of Hickory Tavern,SC has reported sighting “a yellow male and female cougar near Hickory Tavern in Laurens County on the last day of deer season in 2008.” Hamby said the time was about 10:30am. No other details are available. This report is via Woodrow Ross and the Anderson Independent-Mail from 3-13-09.

  3. I Live in North Paulding Co Ga. Beside Picketts Mill Battle Field State Park. Last night Sept27 2014 I was in the bed and I had my bedroom windows open since it was nice out. At 1:30 A M I heard a blood curdling scream from what sounded like a woman. Only one scream. It seriously made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! I jumped out of bed and ran from window to window to see if something was going on. There were no lights on at any of the houses around me. The only thing I heard after this was the dogs that live behind me went nut’s barking.Very shaken I sat up and got on my tablet to my face book page and said something about the incident on my page. I had a few comments about it from friends, but this evening a friend of mine called and said that I needed to keep my dogs close to the house because from what I described it sounded to him like what a cougar sounds like. Well it got my curiosity up so I Googled some cougar and panther sounds that sounded exactly what it sounded like!. While on my search tonight to find out weather or not N. Ga. was home to these big cats I stumbled on to this site. So thought I would share my experience with you. Thanks Diana

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